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​Donald Trump on Iran: “They have suckered us” – CBS News

Trump: You’ll Never Get Bored with Winning

Trump called both the deal and the Americans who negotiated it, “incompetent.”

“We will have so much winning if I get elected, that you may get bored with winning,” said Trump at the rally. “Believe me. I agree, you’ll never get bored with winning. We never get bored.”

When I asked Trump what he’ll demand in the deal that isn’t already there, he told me: “You’re going to have to watch.”

“I don’t want to say things that the other side is going to learn everything about me,” Trump added. “Do you understand that? That’s part of the problem. Everything is talk in this country. They talk and talk. I don’t want to say … I will tell you, that deal will be totally renegotiated or worse.”

Donald Trump understands how negotiations and diplomacy work. You never reveal your strategy, your cards, our real goals, or bottom line.

This is a fundamental flaw most Democrats have had in negotiating with an enemy. Jimmy Carter is the first president I can recall who claimed to practice “open diplomacy.” Even as a college student, I knew this was a crock. And our foreign policy negotiations have not been any better under more recent Democrats.

Donald Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal.” Negotiation is his forte. He not only is extraordinarily skilled in the art, he also has been hiring expert negotiators for decades. This country will be fortunate to have him negotiating for our interests, be they military, diplomatic, or trade.
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