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Attention NeverTrumpers: Please Read This FIRST

While I have supported Trump since August, I do have many friends who have been NeverTrumpers. Most were Cruz supporters. I was not NeverCruz, having made it clear that I was NeverHillary, or NeverDem. Heck, I would have voted for any of the 17 Republican candidates over any of the Democrat candidates. Had Cruz won the nomination, I would definitely have worked for him.

After the war of the primary was over, the NeverTrumpers seemed to keep fighting the last battle trying to show why they still could not accept Trump even though only he can get the nomination. All they were doing was helping Hillary, and that did not even seem to disturb them at all.

I am genuinely sympathetic to the NeverTrumpers. Eight years ago, McCain was my last choice. For a while I was a NeverMcCain. No way would I have ever voted for Obama, but it was difficult for me to bring myself to vote for McCain. I considered not voting for President at all.

Then I realized that voting for President is not simply choosing one man. It is also choosing an army of 100,000 unelected bureaucrats he will hire for his administration. Recall the damage the IRS, EPA, Dept. of “Justice”, the Supreme Court, ad infinitum have done. It would only get worse with another Democrat administration.

Finally I said “McCain could never get me to vote for him, but Obama could.” And did. My only regret is that I did not come to this realization earlier so I could have worked for McCain. My anger, my fit of pique, my righteous indignation, and my political purity of conscience along with that of millions of other like me cost us the While House.

Recently I noticed some of the NeverTrumpers who were writers and bloggers started to come to terms with the reality of what is essentially a binary choice: either Trump or the Democrat candidate (most likely Hillary at this point.) Many of them began to understand the best is the enemy of the good.

Hillary has already stated she wants to eviscerate the First and Second Amendments. Do you really think Trump would do the same?

I would like to offer some useful links that can help explain to NeverTrumpers why others just like them came to accept the reality of a Trump nomination and the importance of a Trump win in November. This shows why supporting Trump publicly is the best thing they could do for the conservative agenda and the country in this election.

  1. I didn’t leave the Republican party; the Republican party left me *UPDATED*
    by Sunny Bookworm Berman

    Having thought about it a lot, I’m about to commit what many will believe is heresy: I believe conservatives should suck it up and vote for Trump so as to avoid a hard Left presidency. Trying to save the Republican party at this juncture is an intellectual and practical dead-end, akin to doing CPR on a pulse-free heart attack victim even as the sarin gas is leaking under the door, through the keyhole, and over the transom. …
  2. Don’t let ‘Never Trump’ become ‘Ready for Hillary’
    by Brett J. Talley

    Those who argue that another Clinton White House is somehow preferable to four years of Trump are blind to the consequences — for the nation, for the party and for the conservative movement.

    A Clinton presidency means a Supreme Court with at least one, probably two and maybe three new liberal justices.

    It means a doubling down on the Obama foreign policy that fostered the resurgence of a belligerent Russia, the rise of ISIS and chaos across the Middle East.
    It means government agencies from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Internal Revenue Service to the Department of Homeland Security led and staffed by Clinton appointees, enshrining the executive overreach of the Obama administration into law. …

  3. The Primary Is Over And Unity Must Be Achieved
    by Adam Lankford

    If you do not vote for the only other viable alternative, you are essentially voting for Hillary Clinton. I realize it is a crappy deal and not something that most folks want to do. It’s real simple. A principled vote for a 3rd party candidate will make you feel good and sleep well at night, but you will wake up the next morning disarmed, paying higher taxes, balancing your home budget with common core math, feeding illegals, fearing migrants, and doing it all while saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas in the long long line of a government run doctors office.

    By definition, your principled vote is against your Conservative principles. We cannot give the White House to Hillary Clinton. We must unite and defeat her to even give the country a “chance”.

  4. I’ve Changed My Mind about Donald Trump
    by Steve Grammatico

    Some time ago I decided I could not in conscience vote for someone so crude, so unprepared and temperamentally unsuited to be president. French’s piece helped cement my conviction Trump would make a lousy president.

    But nagging concerns about Obama pulling President Hillary Clinton’s strings as payback for a pardon gave me pause. As did the thought of Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills serving as her closest advisors.

    As much as I dislike Trump, I do not consider him evil. And while his self-regard is obnoxious, I don’t doubt he loves his country. There is a chance he’ll name conservatives to sit on the Supreme Court. Perhaps he’ll nominate John Bolton for State and Giuliani or even Christie for Attorney General. We might finally learn what Holder and Lynch have been hiding for years. Sure, a lot of maybes, but with the Donald at least they’re possibilities.

    An Obama third term with Hillary standing in must not happen. …

  5. Never Hillary
    by Deroy Murdock

    I tried. In print, on air, online, and in person, I urged GOP primary voters to send to the White House — chronologically — Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. It seems they didn’t listen. …
    This is the verdict that 10,924,682 GOP primary voters have reached: On one side, an inconsistent conservative who will stand with the right — not always, but at least sometimes, and perhaps often.

    On the other side, either a self-avowed socialist from Vermont (who wins primaries but gets swamped by undemocratic superdelegates) or, more likely, a stealth socialist who is nearly as far left, but also deeply, irretrievably corrupt. …

  6. About Those Trump Policy Details
    by Dilbert creator Scott Adams

    Adams has been blogging about the election for months, focusing on Trump’s skills as a candidate, leader and persuader. Adams does not support any candidate for President, explaining why in another post.

    He writes
    “How much detail should Trump provide on his policies?

    A. Lots of detail so we know exactly what he plans to do.

    B. We only need the big picture now because the details will be negotiated later, and the environment will change by then. Also, presidents have access to better advice and information than candidates.
    I predict that your most experienced friends and coworkers will choose B.”…

  7. Never Say Never and Obama’s Waterloo
    by Clarice Feldman

    Hillary Clinton (pending the conclusion of the criminal investigations about her emails and the Clinton Foundation which linger on) may well be the Democratic nominee. As it is perfectly clear that Trump will win the Republican nomination the NeverTrump bleats are beginning to fade. Many have realized that their arguments are ridiculous, and are more related to the diminution of their power to affect opinion than they are to substance. This week, as well, the administration gets its failures in foreign and domestic policy off the front pages as the loony press attempts to justify his public school unisex bathroom diktat and downplay overwhelming, mounting opposition to it. …

  8. I Am Going To Vote For Trump Though It Makes Me Want To Projectile Vomit
    by Kurt Schlichter

    I intend to vote for Donald Trump, and just typing those words makes me throw up a little. Make that a lot, and for distance. Yeah, I know Trump is a clown, but so is Hillary Clinton, and while he’s sort of an irascible and tacky Ronald McDonald, she is freaking Pennywise. …

    Now, if you want to see my Trump-slamming bona fides, you can Google my CNN appearances where I was the go-to conservative who would reliably trash the loudmouth Republican nominee until I dared attack Hillary and mussed their carefully coiffed narrative. But I haven’t changed my mind about anything I said. Trump is terrible. It’s just that I believe Hillary is infinitely worse. …

New articles will be added to this list as the are written. If you discover some I have missed, please email them to me at info at zionists4trump.com.

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DE Navarro July 6, 2016, 1:05 am

Thanks for this article. Perhaps you will enjoy something I’ve been posting along these lines:

What sort of misdirected principle is it to make a choice that you know will hand America to a known criminal thug?
Those claiming to be “voting on principle” are so blinded by their self-righteous importance that they miss the fact that they are “violating principle” by being a part of assuredly handing this nation into the hands of a known criminal thug and despotic tyrant bent on destroying it.
Your VOTE for Trump is NOT an endorsement of his lifestyle, his choices, nor his personal morality. It is not a reflection that you are morally corrupt in any way. If that were the case, you would need to vote for NO ONE — EVER. Because all men are liars and if you check closely you probably disagree on principle with at least one thing every candidate has ever held.
No candidate is Jesus Christ. The only choice anyone could ever make to be pure on principle is Jesus Christ and he ain’t running.
People, get off your high and self-important horse. No man is flawless. We are not endorsing the morality or immorality of men here, we are making choices that will either hand America over to a known tyrant or get someone in there that is willing to let Conservatives and Christians work on his staff and administration to improve this country.
My vote for Trump IS ON PRINCIPLE.
It is on the principle that I am unwilling to hand this country over to a reprehensible, evil person but would rather seize the feasible and best opportunity to get a person in there who has shown his willingness and desire to work with Conservatives, Christians, Statespersons, Constitutional Thinkers, Pundits, and We the People to make America great again.
Your vote is a vote for “conditions or things” not for the personal morality of a man or woman.
What “condition” or state of the union do we prefer? It is going to evidently be one of these two, Hillary or Trump. Your “principled” choice will determine if we end up with Hillary (criminal thug and despot) or Trump (willing to work with Conservatives, Christians, etc.).
Obstructing Trump by third party flings in the wind is sheer foolishness at this point, and unprincipled and will only serve to willingly hand America over to a criminal thug.
Go ahead and make your supposed “principled” choice. I know what my “principled” choice is.

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