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Mother Jones proves Keith Ellison lying about his Farrakhan history

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Mother Jones dug deeply into Ellison’s claims with regard to his Farrakhan connection. In so doing, Mother Jones not only cast into serious doubt Ellison’s defense, it also discovered even more troubling aspects of Ellison’s past, including a tendency to use the now-fashionable intersectionality theory to cast European Jews as oppressors, particularly as relates to Israel.

You’ve Heard People Compare Trump to Hitler. So We Asked a Woman Who Was Born in Nazi Germany…

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Facebook post here But is this the case? Independent Journal Review decided to speak to a woman born in Nazi Germany about the comparison. We talked with Inga Andrews, who was born in Dusseldorf, Germany, during Hitler's reign. While most kids were playing with friends, Andrews was hiding in air raid shelters and helping to


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Facebook post here Here are important details about Trump's travel ban including why Saudi Arabia is not included. What Trump has learned that his opponents haven't. ... This then brings us back to Roosevelt’s immoral policies toward the Jews of Europe and to the question of who has learned the lessons of his bigotry. The