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Cher: Trump a giant among 2016 GOP. My question: Why?

appears to be throwing her support behind 2016 Republican front-runner . While some are rejoicing, I would not take it too seriously just yet.

In a tweet Friday, the Grammy Award-winning singer tweeted ”
Never thought I’d Say…
Donald Trump is a Giant Among Gop front runners

Trump later thanked the singer for her support.

“So nice of @Cher — greatly appreciated,” Trump tweeted.

When Cher had previously called Trump a “loudmouth bigot” four months ago, I knew at the time she was a Hollywood airhead. I was hoping for Trump to win just to see Cher fulfill her promise to move to Jupiter, even if it was only the one in Florida.

Now that she appears to appreciate The Donald, I realize how deep a political thinker she has become. I sure would like to know why she appears to respect Trump now and what caused her to change her mind.
  • Is this psy-ops against Trump?
  • Is this some kind of setup? Is this part of a huge smack-down she is planning after suckering in a lot of people?
  • Has she come to admire a strong, dominant man?
  • Is she endorsing him for the primary?
  • Will she be supporting the Democrat candidate even if Trump wins the Republican nomination?
  • Is she just commenting on Trump’s lead in the polls?
  • Could this be part of the GOPe (or even Democrat) strategy to remove Trump by having well-known liberals endorse him, thus casting doubt on Trump’s conservative bona fides?

Let us not forget those 15 times Cher tweeted about Donald Trump over the years in a most viscous manner. Most of Cher’s supporters’ comments on Twitter are quite hostile to the GOP front-runner. Trump proponents have been riding in to the support Trump on this tweet. Each group seems to be talking past the other group.

You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your supporters. And I would not count on Cher’s vote just yet.
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4 comments… add one
Diana October 25, 2015, 1:42 am

Cher is pure Liberal. She isn’t someone I would trust to do anything that supports American values. Ignore her and maybe she’ll slink back into Hollyweird and stay there!

Jennifer October 25, 2015, 10:12 am

Good grief… she was just commenting on his lead in the polls. Why are you analyzing it? This is why celebs think their voice matters so much. Because people write entire articles over one little tweet like we’re hanging on their every word. Stop glamorizing them & they’ll stick to what they’re good at… singing & acting.

Kim David (@Eye4Eye) October 26, 2015, 1:57 pm

Cher is dyslexic. She’s always been my favorite singer. I’m sure she knows by now that Trump is the only choice for President. Not much to pick from. We’re so far in debt that Trump is the only man who can dig us out.

Pamela Dawn Zuckerma November 2, 2015, 8:52 pm

I could give a HOOT what cher thinks or why she thinks it….😏🙋🏻

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