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FLASHBACK: Jeb Bush Admitted ‘Leaky’ Immigration Led to 9/11 – Breitbart

Former Florida Gov. ’s campaign is furious with 2016 GOP frontrunner over Trump’s comments that the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened on Bush’s brother former President George W. Bush’s watch. But a review of the basic facts of the situation—and Jeb Bush’s own writings—reveals that even the Bushes admit that “leaky” immigration enforcement was a major driving factor in leading to the terrorist attacks

Indeed, all of the the nineteen September 11th hijackers were voluntarily imported into the country on visas issued to them by our federal government. Almost all of the visas were issued in the predominantly Muslim country of Saudi Arabia. Four of the September 11th hijackers—Zacarias Moussaoui, Satam al Suqami, Nawaf al Hamzi, and Hani Hanjour—were visa overstays.

In a blockbuster 2002 report, National Review’s Joel Mowbray acquired the visa applications of 15 of the 19 hijackers and exposed how every single one of their applications should have been flatly rejected.

By definition, had the visas been rejected or had the visa-overstays been deported, September 11th would not have happened.

For instance, while Donald Trump has repeatedly articulated a strong stance against increasing the number of Muslim immigrants voluntarily admitted into the country, has adopted an entirely different position on the matter.

Although four of the 9/11 hijackers were visa overstays, Sen. Rubio authored legislation that would have legalized visa overstays and would have made them American citizens. At the same time, Rubio voted against a visa tracking system offered by his Republican colleague Sen. David Vitter, which sought to prevent future foreign nationals from illegally overstaying their visas.

Marco Rubio has also shown a lack of care and caution for deporting foreign visitors who overstay their visas. Jeb Bush has a similarly cavalier attitude towards protecting our nation from people who do not really want to assimilate.

Donald Trump has strongly stated that he is against increasing the number of Muslim immigrants voluntarily admitted into the country.

Of all the Republican candidates, Donald Trump has the strongest position on protecting America from illegal immigrants, tourists who overstay their visas. and visitors with malevolent intent.
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