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Here Is Why Donald Trump Said “Walls Work, Ask Israel”

Builds Sinai Border Fence; Illegal Crossings Drop 99.9% – Breitbart

At the November 3, 2015 press conference to announce his new book, reminds us, “ work. All you have to do is ask Israel.”
What has been the result of the border fence Israel built in 2013 to prevent infiltration from the Egypt? According to Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com in June 2013,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has touted the success of a new border fence that Israel built along its boundary with Egypt to stop illegal infiltrators. In a statement posted at his government website, Netanyahu reported that illegal crossings had declined 99.9%, from 2,000 per month to only two.

“The fence that we built in the south is achieving the result for which it was erected,” Netanyahu said.
The main, 144-mile section of the fence was completed in early 2013, according to a January report by the Wall Street Journal. It is sixteen feet high and includes “barbed wire, surveillance cameras and radar.”

Israel, which is the size of the state of New Jersey, has 422 miles of border fence that not only protect it from terrorists, but also shield it from many more peaceful illegal infiltrators who are seeking the economic benefits that Israel provides. These well-designed security fences have clearly proven to be quite effective. As security needs change, additional fence sections are being built. In September 2015, Israel announced plans to build a smart fence along the border with Jordan.

Security fences have been built throughout the world without brouhaha. The continental United States is 369 times the size of Israel, and currently has 670 miles of a single-layer along the southern border. A more effective double-layer fence would add about 1,000 additional miles.

Some claim that it is not possible to build an impenetrable barrier. Israel’s wall is not impervious either, but Israelis are quite satisfied with a 99.9% drop in border infiltrators, from 2,000 to 2. Do we stop using security and alarm systems on our own buildings because they too are not completely infallible?

Others claim that when walls stop border jumpers, alternative illegal entry methods are developed, like tunnels. Tunnels do take some time to build. Seismic detection and other types of technology can identify those tunnels and end them before they are completed. Greater effort can be put into quelling new entry schemes when the easier methods are stopped.

Still others have expressed concern about the difficulty of acquiring all the border property. Many have sold their property along the border for sections already built. For those who are reluctant to sell, what better use is there for eminent domain than the public good of border security?

Donald has shown his awareness of the success of Israel’s security fence. He courageously insists that America also build its own security wall, a reasonable and effective solution for our porous border.

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