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Iowa: The Trump Campaign is Actually…Campaigning

When first launched his presidential , he looked like a man who was on a mission to become King of the Media Circus. He was boisterous, bold, and didn’t hesitate to take his opponents and detractors to the cleaners on a daily basis. Surely, this was some sort of stunt or vanity campaign, right?

Then, of course, the poll numbers started hitting the airwaves, proving that what he was saying and doing was resonating with voters and the American people at large. Now, a new report from NBC News shows that the Trump campaign has decided to put its money where its candidate’s mouth is, and launch a “formidable” ground game in the cycle’s most crucial primary state.

Other candidates shied away from , not wanting to peak too early; Trump, on the other hand, made multiple, high-profile and highly-attended appearances in the state, and has now embedded 12 paid staffers—more than any other candidate currently campaigning in Iowa—to put boots on the ground and start doing the grunt work that actually wins elections.

However, the campaign also reports that they have spent just $1.9 million thusfar, which represents a far lower burn rate than we’ve seen in other candidates like Jeb Bush or Ben Carson.

Trump has a self-funded media campaign, a self-funded ground game, and his polling numbers are still impressing even skeptical pundits.

Whaddya know—this is looking more and more like a campaign every day.

Donald Trump has clearly hired people who know what it takes to win each state campaign, whether it be the Iowa caucus, or other state primaries.

“Extensive ground page operation” is key to winning. It will be even more encouraging as we see how effectively this strategy is executed.
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Sue Bernard October 17, 2015, 5:59 pm

I believe he knows what he is doing. He is worth 4.5 billion. He had to do something right!!! But, the important thing is he loves America and will do everything possible to get Her back on a straight path!!!!

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