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Shirat Devorah: Pray For Her

You already know this woman

Written by Adina Bensoussan

URGENT: I know a woman who is in desperate need of help. She is in an abusive relationship, a victim of domestic violence. She is regularly beaten, cut, and her life threatened. Any time she tries to fight back, the community leaders tell her that she is wrong to do so.

They ask her questions:

  • What did you do to incite the violence?
  • Maybe you said something to cause anger?
  • Maybe you didn’t make supper in time?
  • Maybe the house wasn’t in order?

They urge her not to fight back. They say she must deserve it for some reason. Go home. Resume your life. Just keep low, stay quiet. Maybe give him some more space in your home. Try to give him things to make him happy. She does. She listens. She gives him sentimental gifts that were given to her by her parents. All in the name of peace. Anything for peace.

But he’s insatiable. No matter how much she gives, he always wants more. The only thing that seems to make him happy is her suffering, and her death.

She listens to what her leaders say, for all she wants is to live in peace. Enjoy her home. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy her family.

After each domestic explosion, things calm for a short period of time until she’s beaten again. She asks why. The answer? Because I can. Because you breathe. Because I decided that you shouldn’t be in existence. Yes, you give me things, but I just destroy them. I pretend I want peace, but I just want to hurt you. Your suffering makes me happy.

She’s asking that we pray for her. Her name: ISRAEL.

However, as is true for many women, the world severely underestimates her strength.

See full story on Shirat Devorah: Pray For Her

This story is the reason for this website. Donald Trump will be the best friend Israel has had in a US President in decades. Trump has no illusions about the nature of Israel’s enemies. And it certainly does not hurt that he has a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren who are also real Zionists.

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