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What could be more fun than this?

Strategy for watching the Democrat debate tonight: Don’t do it. Instead, you can…


Do not watch the debate on CBS‬, which is a 9pm EST, lasting two hours. Watch it later online if you must. Please do this for DONALD TRUMP!

The debate will air on CBS and stream for free at www.cbsnews.com/live/. No cable subscription is necessary. CBS will also air the debate on its radio affiliates, meaning anyone with network TV, radio or Internet access can take it in.

The point is to make the Democrats’ debate have low ratings. Watch it online later. Or better yet, listen to it on the radio over the air (not through the internet.) Anything done through the internet can be counted, but you are totally anonymous with broadcast radio.

Some friends have suggested some alternative activities to the Democrat debate:
  1. garage cleanup,
  2. clean the cat’s litter box,
  3. evacuating the dog’s anal glands,
  4. baseball and hockey,
  5. split firewood,
  6. eating a bowl of ice cream with shaved Taliban beards mixed in,
  7. watch reruns of The Jack Benny Show,
  8. alphabetize my spice rack
  9. sort my socks (see featured picture),
  10. be in my wood shop. Pine is far more entertaining than a stage of wooden dummies.
  11. There’s some paint not drying fast enough. I need to keep an eye on it.
  12. In my town you can go to City Hall to support a friend of mine who is seeking permission to open an indoor pistol and rifle target range.
  13. reciting poetry to Otto, my dauschund,
  14. Shoelaces need ironing…Maybe the socks as well, I better check.
  15. I just noticed my dryer screen needs to have the lint cleaned out of it.
  16. I’d rather come over and clean your litter box than watch it.

‪#‎Boycott‬ ‪#‎GiveTheDemocratsNothing‬
‪#‎GiveHillaryNothing‬ ‪#‎GiveBernieSandersNothing‬

‪#‎TakeAwayHillarysPower‬ ‪#‎NoMoreElites‬

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3 comments… add one
Kenneth Shaw November 15, 2015, 3:31 am

I plan on: Poking my eyes out, Electro-shock therapy, maybe a full lobotomy & the number 1 thing that’s better than watching the Democrat Debate: Masturbating to Michelle Obama!

OneCitizenOfTheRepublic November 15, 2015, 3:33 am

It’s not a debate…It’s a Commie reunion where two are trying one-up each other and the other guy is trying to prove he is still an American

Zionists4Trump November 15, 2015, 5:32 am

And they all compete to see who will be the better Santa Claus

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