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Revel Hotel (credit: Cleve Bryan/CBS)

Syrian Refugees: Coming to a Hotel Near You?

has declared his unwillingness to accept Syrian “refugees” if he were President. Their undocumented status would make it easy for terrorists to slip into America. By contrast, the Obama administration and the Democrats have been trying to welcome the Syrians.

The of ‘s Hotel proposes housing Syrian refugees at his old casino:

[Glenn] Straub told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he’s willing to let people displaced by the civil war in Syria stay at the 47-story Revel resort as he fights in court over its future. Straub has been trying to reopen Revel since buying it in April for $82 million but has been beset by litigation from utility companies and former tenants that has so far kept it shuttered.

Straub said his only request would be to be reimbursed for the cost of operating the building while refugees were staying there.

He is currently working to secure full utility service at the building, and has submitted plans to the city to operate two boilers there to heat it during the winter months.

Charities or the government would have to step up with food, health care and other expenses. Straub figures he can provide shelter for up to 3,000 Syrian refugees inside the hotel’s open areas while construction work takes place. The “open areas” are likely to be the large abandoned casino floor space. What Straub is really offering the use of the shell of a facility that cannot yet be legally occupied.

Note that “all” Straub is asking for is reimbursement of operating costs while the refugees are in his hotel. That is all? Just receiving “operating costs” for such a property would be a windfall since it has virtually no income.

Not only is there no income from the property right now, it is not inhabitable. It does not have full utility service. It does not have heating that is needed right now in New Jersey. Electric service is limited to the fire and safety systems only. Sewer service may also soon be terminated.

All of these services are tied up in litigation between Straub and the various utility companies. Perhaps by offering to house “refugees,” Straub may be attempting an end-run around the legal and regulatory difficulties that prevent the building from being certified for occupancy.

No wonder Straub made such seemingly generous offer. What a deal!

Responding to neighborhood concerns about security, Straub told KYW Newsradio,

They really just need someplace to put security, which we have I don’t know how many thousands of cameras and security locations, magnetic locks and everything that a casino has that we can keep people that we wouldn’t want to have wandering around in the neighborhoods.

I don’t know about you, but with such a clear plan I sure feel a lot better.



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