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Trump: Revoke Passports For Those Who Go To Fight For ISIS, Would ‘Look At’ Closing Certain Mosques’ – Breitbart

Republican presidential candidate stated he would revoke passports from people who go overseas to fight for and “You’re going to have to certainly look at” closing mosques “if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear” on Tuesday’s “Varney & Co” on the Fox Business Network.

He was also asked [relevant remarks begin in the second video] “Now, in the UK, in Britain, they’ve obviously got a terror problem. They’ve got a lot of youngsters going over to fight for ISIS, about — just under 1,000 are going over there, and they’ve got a whole new series of proposals to deal with this, including withdrawal of passports from some of these people who’ve gone –.”

Trump responded, “Absolutely good, good.”

After host Stuart Varney continued, “And closing some mosques, would you do the same thing in America.” Trump answered, “I would do that. Absolutely. I think it’s great.”

Donald Trump takes a strong stand against the those encouraging in mosques and supporting terrorist groups like ISIS. We need better tools for punishing those who participate in terrorist activities.

The accusation of “Islamophobia” is a manipulation by our internal enemies to soften us up and make us much more vulnerable to Sharia and the infiltration of Islamofascists. We need a President like Trump who will stare down such false accusations and keep protecting our country from those who wish us harm.
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