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Trump Strikes Out Would-be Mugger

Confronted and Stopped a in 1991

Donald has stood up to a dangerous mugger on behalf of a stranger who was being attacked in 1991. Leaving his limousine, he put himself in potential danger by confronting the mugger directly.

After the October 2015 massacre at the Oregon college campus, some have urged people to collectively confront an attacker if they were in similar situation. Those who encourage cowardice over bravery often accuse those who urge courage of not being willing to act courageously themselves. (How do they know this?)

Although Trump has not spoken to the issue of confronting a future attacker, were he to do so, he certainly has proven he had the courage of his convictions.
From the November 20, 1991 New York Daily News:
When he saw “a big guy with a big bat” bashing another fellow, Donald Trump did what any self-respecting billionaire would do: He ordered his driver to pull over. …
Witnesses said Trump, with Marla Maples tugging at his arm to try to stop him, leaped from his black stretch limousine Monday evening during the Manhattan assault. …
“The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, “Look, you’ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat,”‘ Trump said. “I guess he recognized me because he said, ‘Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.’ I said, ‘How could you not do anything wrong when you’re whacking a guy with a bat?’ Then he ran away.”
Mugger's Trumped: Donald stops attack/ by James Rosen, New York Daily News

Mugger’s Trumped: Donald stops attack/ by James Rosen, New York Daily News

A Google Newspapers image of the article can be viewed here.


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