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Video Resurfaces: Donald Trump’s Views on the “Muslim Problem” – WHOA! – The Political Insider

There is no doubt that conservative presidential candidate Donald Trump always says what he believes. He is a strong defender of American values and embodies the principles of Ronald Reagan.

Now, we’re all seeing this recently unearthed 2011 interview Trump did with David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). He was asked to go into detail about his response to a question Bill O’Reilly on Fox News asked him about the Islam and Muslim problem in America.

Trump has understood the nature and magnitude of the problem of Islamofascists for years. He is brave enough to express the danger they pose to all of us, especially Israel.

Europe is becoming Eurabia, and there are many trying to make it happen in America, too. Donald Trump not only understands the problem, he also has the guts to solve it as well.
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