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Vote for Donald Trump as Time’s Person of the Year

Time magazine is giving people a chance to vote online for the Person of the Year. There are 58 people from many fields, including politics, government, sports, and the arts. You can vote Yes or No for each person. Your vote is validated by your Facebook or Twitter account. Nothing will be posted to your feeds unless you choose to do so.
Start by clicking here to vote YES for Donald Trump.

Once you start voting, you can scroll through the list to vote for each person. Zionists4Trump is recommending that you vote Yes for Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. It will improve the chance of Donald Trump winning if you vote No for every other person on the list.

If you do not want to bother scrolling through the entire list, here are direct links to the the political persons of interest to Zionists4Trump. Click on each name so you can vote for that person. We hope that you will take the time to vote Yes or No for these people. It is even better if you can get through the entire list.

Even though you may like some of the other people on the list, the primary goal of this project is to get Donald Trump to the top of the list. A secondary goal is to move Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of all the other Arab leaders, particularly Mahmoud Abbas.

The numbers in this table appeared the evening of November 18, 2015, the day after it started. Voting on the reader’s choice poll ends Dec. 4 at 11:59 p.m., and the winner will be announced Dec. 7.

Name Ranking % Yes % No
Donald Trump 3.0 24 76
Benjamin Netanyahu 0.8 7 93
Jeb Bush 0.3 2 98
Marco Rubio 0.7 4 96
Ben Carson 0.6 5 95
Ted Cruz 0.5 4 96
Hillary Clinton 1.0 9 91
Barack Obama 3.7 35 65
John Kerry 3.0 12 88
Bernie Sanders 17.5 88 22
Mahmoud Abbas 0.9 6 94
Bashar Assad 0.7 9 91

The Ranking percentage, I believe, shows what share of the entire pie of votes each candidate holds. The number is not so important in itself, but the percentages of Yes and No votes are. You can see the current ranking here.

Please post this, share this, tweet this, and email this to people who share our interest in showing how important Donald Trump is to the people of America. We CAN get him to be 1 if we all work together.

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