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Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton

Zionists4Trump Congratulates Matt Bevin and Jenean Hampton

Zionists4Trump.com congratulate Kentucky Governor-Elect and Lieutenant Governor-Elect on their electoral victories. According to the National Review, both have been Tea Party activists for several years. Did “” also have anything to do with their success?

Bevin challenged long-term Senator in the 2014 Republican primary in his first attempt for elective office.

In a 2013 interview with WFPL News, Bevin said the concessions were a “wink and a nod” for Iran to continue and an insult to allies such as Israel. Had Bevin beat McConnell in the primary, we would not have to suffer the feckless McConnell, who did little to stop Obama’s disasterous .

While Bevin lost this election, he continued to promote the Tea Party agenda, being an outspoken advocate for tax cuts, school vouchers, and the introduction of a right-to-work law.

Going into the November 2015 election, the polls indicated a Democrat victory by a 5% margin. The actual Republican victory was by a 9% margin. How valid can these pre-election polls really be? The Washington Post looks at “Why were the polls so wrong?, Kentucky governor edition.”

As Breitbart.com notes:

Conventional wisdom among Republican insiders suggests that ’s name at the top of the 2016 ticket would hurt downticket races. However, Bevin’s strong win is an argument against that hypothesis.

And for the Dems, it is time to be afraid, very afraid. As Politico reported:

The Democratic Governors Association suggested that [Attorney General Jack] Conway was not to blame for the loss, chalking it up to an outsider-friendly environment the group dubbed “Trump-mania.”

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