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Zionists4Trump in March 2017 Oprah Magazine

Zionists4Trump in Oprah Magazine Article about Women and Politics

In December 2016, ten women met at the Goodfellas Diner in Queens to discuss the recent election. This meeting was facilitated by Oprah Winfrey. An edited transcript appears in the current issue (March 2017) of Oprah Magazine, “Oprah Talks to the Women of America.” A link is at the end of this post.

I was one of the participants, and made sure to mention Zionists4Trump.com. There were six Trump supporters and four supporters of Hillary Clinton. The ten women actually bonded together. After the discussion, one of the women was a singer who gave us a beautiful rendition of a song from “The Lion King.”

I set up a private email group for all ten women to continue the discussion. The Trump supporters tried to allay the fears of Clinton supporters, ginned up by a deceitful mainstream press. We filled in additional information concealed by the mainstream media.

I look pretty serious here, in the lower left corner. The group hopes to meet again for another discussion, possibly in a year, to follow up on our reactions to the first year of the Trump presidency. You can read the entire article here:

O Mag MARCH OW Talks to the Women of America.compressed

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